February 9, 2016

Chairman Drake called the February 9, 2016 monthly Board meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. 

Present were Chairman Vern Drake, Supervisor Jessie Estridge, Supervisor Marty Pearson, Clerk Stephanie Askin, Treasurer Larry Holter, Ron Gallagher, Donny Slipher, Fran Clauson, Ron Proffit, Russ Sullivan, Dori Willett and Don Carlson.

Clerk’s Report:  Jessie made the motion to approve the minutes. Marty seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report was provided by Larry Holter.

Expenses: Expenses were reviewed. Jessie made the motion to approve the bills as submitted.  

Marty seconded.  Motion passed 

Citizen’s Input: Dori Willett wanted to know the status of the Namekagon Bridge. Marty responded that the county agreed to hire to have it repaired at low water. Dori asked about the “Old Town Hall”, a metal roof was put on with the idea that the kitchen would be torn out and it would be made into a garage. Marty responded that that was the original plan but no further action has been taken as the need has changed. Dori also asked if it would be possible to have a breakdown of the cost of fire and ambulance on the tax statement. County has control of what is included on the statement. Vern explained that the cost is not connected to the property assessed value but on a per capita. It comes out to approximately $49.75 per person in the town. Dori suggested that the town also upgrade the town clerk’s internet to a faster service due to the fact that a lot more town business is being done online. Stephanie will check into the available options. Dori asked that the street sign on State Road 35 and Big Island Road be straightened as it has been leaning for some time. Ron will straighten the sign as soon as it is accessible.

Fran Clauson would like to have the flagpole light installed at Hillcrest Cemetery. Vern will have Shane install it as soon as it is accessible and he is available.

Don Carlson asked about the Ordinance for local use of ATVs on Stateline Rd. Marty explained that the board cannot open and post roads for local use only. If the road is opened, it is open to all ATV users. Don also would like to see two items added to the website. A calendar showing the board meeting dates and times along with other events in the town plus information on what is acceptable put in the town recycling bin. Stephanie will work on adding these items to the website.

Chairman’s Report: Russ Sullivan was sworn in as the fire Chief for the Town of Blaine New lights for the shop have come in and will be installed. Burnett County Historical Society would like help tracking private burials in the town and asked for a donation. Marty will help with the burial tracking but the town does not make donations. Restorative Justice is looking for a donation. Town does not do make donations. Also Restorative Justice periodically has people who need to perform community service and to let them know if we have projects that would qualify.

Vern attended the quarterly Wisconsin Town Association meeting. WTA asked that towns submit Ordinances to the County Clerk, Clerk of Court and Jason Towne. Mike Hoefs is the new Highway Commissioner. He spoke at the WTA meeting and explained that bridges that are 20 feet or longer (of which Town of Blaine has three) are checked every two years for condition. If the bridges receive a less than 50 rating for the cost of repair the funding is 80/10/10. That is 80% funded by the state, 10% by the county and 10% by the town. They are also considering a county asphalt grinding contract to reduce cost. Also discussed is that no DNR permit is needed for replacement culverts if placed in the same location.


  1. Road Equipment Update:  Replaced two tires on the snowplow truck. All equipment is in good running order.
  2. Road Condition Report:  Roads are in good shape. Ron will continue to sand as needed.
  3. Northland Community Center: Earth Energy came out to check furnace. Repairs were completed. Vern suggested that the furnace be checked every two years for preventative maintenance and Shane would handle changing the furnace filter as needed.


  1. Vern added Grant Writing to the shared duties, and the list will continue to be reviewed next month.
  2. Stephanie will put together a draft of the ad for paving one mile of Big McGraw Road. Vern and Ron will attend the WAPA meeting and training February 23 in Cumberland before finalizing the ad for paving
  3. Board members received letters asking for pay increases for EMTs. Since the ambulance service is a private company the Board has no say in the matter.
  4. Vern submitted a first draft of a Mission, Vision, Values and Goals statement for the town. Board members will review and suggest any changes or additions.
  5. Vern would like an accounting of what the February 16th election cost the town. Stephanie will track the cost.
  6. In the past the town had a contract with the logging companies to repair roads damaged by the logging company trucks. Vern will rewrite the contract and send to the logging companies.
  7. County grant for road repairs is due soon. Board suggested Springbrook Trail be submitted for the grant. Jessie will write the grant and get it submitted to Jake Nichols.
  8. State grant for road repairs is coming due. Repairs must be completed by August 31, 2016. Markville Road was originally submitted but Big McGraw Road became a more pressing matter and Jessie will check with Lance Burger to see if the town can change the grant to Big McGraw Rd. All costs must be submitted to Lance Burger by October 31, 2016.
  9. Town of Blaine is considering adopting county zoning regulations. Vern, Ron Proffit and one more person will form a committee to look into the pros and cons of doing so. County zoning already applies to any properties near lakes, rivers and streams.

Stephanie reminded everyone that the town Board meeting for March will be held on March 15, 2016.


  1. Shared duties for board members
  2. Ad for paving on Big McGraw Rd.
  3. Set date, time and agenda for Annual Meeting
  4. Set date and time for Board of Review
  5. Hiring practices
  6. Form C
  7. Road swap with Dairyland (5/8 mile of McGraw Lake Rd.

Jessie made a motion to adjourn at 07:32. Marty seconded. Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned.                                                      

Respectfully submitted,  

Stephanie Askin, Clerk 

Signed and dated this ___11__ day of February 2016.


By: ________________________________________

          Vern Drake, Chairman