Wednesday, January 10, 2024




Chairman Jessica Estridge called the January 10, 2024 monthly board meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. 

Present were Chairman Jessica Estridge, Supervisor Josh Fornengo, Supervisor Bryan Holter, Clerk Charla Zaccardi, Treasurer Mona Velebir, Ron Gallagher, Jason Walters, Ryan Brennan, Matt Holter, Jim Mahr and Brandie Fornengo.

Pledge of Allegiance

Clerk’s Report:  Supervisor Josh Fornengo made a motion to approve the December 13, 2023 monthly board meeting minutes as submitted. Supervisor, Bryan Holter seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Mona Velebir reported on bank balances for Bremer Bank and Community Bank of Cameron.

Expenses:  Supervisor Josh Fornengo made a motion to approve payment of monthly expenditures as submitted. Supervisor Bryan Holter seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Supervisor Josh Fornengo made a motion to “re-approve” the submitted monthly December 2023 expenses to now include the down payment of $60,000 for a town truck in order to receive the highest amount of GTA for the year 2023. Supervisor Bryan Holter seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Citizen’s Input: The group that meets as a community church on Sunday’s would like to do something for the Northland Community Center. A few things were discussed that could be done, but it was suggested that a new floor in the gym could be a possible project. Flooring materials and costs will be looked into.

Chairman’s Report: None.



Road Equipment Report: Ron Gallagher reported that everything is good right now. Supervisor Bryan Holter discussed a couple of bids he received for replacing a truck. Availability and price will determine the purchase.

Road Condition Report Faded signs are noticed in the Barrens. Ron and Jason will make a list of roads to have signs replaced. A road review will be scheduled in the near future to make future plans.

Fire Report: Matt Holter reported on 2023 calls for the Town of Blaine; 11 medical, 1 car, 2 recreational vehicles for a total of 14.

Northland Community Center: None.

Waste & Recycle Transfer Station: HOURS: 4 PM to 7PM Wednesday evenings, and 11 AM to 3 PM Sunday’s.

A garbage pass will be developed with the possibly of purchase for household bagged garbage as soon as March/April 2024. Discussions are still ongoing for the development of passes and what information is needed. Residents will be notified before garbage passes start. A tentative rough draft will be on the February Agenda with ideas if it should be an annual card and/or pay as you go. A finalized draft will be presented at the Annual Meeting in April.

A discussion took place about getting a bigger outside light at this site and what our options are.




- Tax Levy process

- Finalize rough draft of the WARTS pass

Agenda items due Friday before each meeting.

Supervisor Josh Fornengo made a motion to adjourn at 8:10 pm. Supervisor Bryan Holter seconded. Motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned.                                            

Respectfully submitted, 
Charla Zaccardi, Clerk 

Signed and dated this 10th day of January 2024
  By: ________________________________________

          Jessica Estridge, Chairman