Wednesday, April 17, 2024



Chairman Jessica Estridge called the April 17, 2024 monthly board meeting to order at 6:25 pm.

Present were Chairman Jessica Estridge, Supervisor Josh Fornengo, Supervisor Bryan Holter, Treasurer Mona Velebir, Clerk Charla Zaccardi, Ron and Sandy Gallagher, Dan Sear, Ryan Brennan, Brandie Fornengo, Matt Holter, Dori and Dean Willett, Dairyland Fire Chief Bill Fish and Jim Mahr.

Clerk’s Report:  Supervisor Josh Fornengo made a motion to approve the March 20, 2024 monthly board meeting minutes as submitted. Supervisor, Bryan Holter seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Mona Velebir reported on bank balances for Bremer Bank and Community Bank of Cameron.

Expenses:  Expenditures were reviewed by the board.  Chairman Jessica Estridge requested a motion to approve expenditures, Supervisor Josh Fornengo made a motion to approve payment of monthly expenditures as submitted. Supervisor Bryan Holter seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Citizen’s Input: None.

Chairman’s Report:

1) FEMA re-approved the time extension and price adjustment for the LWC (Cement bridge) project.

2) The fire truck is expected to be delivered next Tuesday.


Road Equipment Report: Ron Gallagher reported the equipment is good.

Road Condition Report: The roads are in good shape. There was a request to grade Bent’s Road. It was noted that the deeper ditches on North Markville Road were not mowed. Ron Gallagher will look into renting a patch trailer from the county for upcoming hand patching.

Fire Report: None.

Northland Community Center: Community Church 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday’s.

OPEN BOOK: Set for Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 from 5pm-7pm.

BOR: Set for Wednesday, May 22nd, 2023 from 5pm-7pm

Waste & Recycle Transfer Station: HOURS: 4 PM to 7PM Wednesday evenings, and 11 AM to 3 PM Sunday’s.


1) Five-year road plan discussion took place. In 2023 90% of brushing was complete. Stateline Road has started the lift process by replacing existing culverts and adding a few more in troubled areas. The road will continue to be lifted enventually with more gravel for the base. Most of the FEMA projects are done – Cement bridge will be completed in 2024.

2024-25 Year Road Plans are:

a) Stateline Road 2024 replace existing culverts and possibly add a few more in troubled areas. Continue with lift-base and eventually more gravel.

b) Brushing – will address any remaining.

c) Truck/Equipment – at the end of 2023 we put $60,000 down on a plow/dump truck, so status for 2024 may see chassis at the end of 2024 and then Monroe has build slot for early 2025.

d) South Markville Road – We’ll reach out to Amy Cronk about shoring up South Markville bridge with boulders to maintain the road.

e) Possibly pulverize St. Crox and Perkins Trail at approximately $6,000 per mile x 4miles.

f) Complete FEMA/Cement bridge project.

2) A WARTS permit was developed. Details will be finalized and notifications sent out to taxpayers ahead of time for awareness. A $100 charge will be charged for 2024 as it is starting mid-year.

Chairman Jessica Estridge made a motion to adopt a required annual permit for WARTS use at $200 per annual permit, one permit per household/address, applications to be sent out with taxes, permits will be valid from May 31 until May 31st of each year, with purchase of permit to be optional, but required in order to dispose of household garbage at the WARTS. Supervisor Josh Fornengo made a motion to approve the annual permit. Supervisor Bryan Holter seconded the motion. Motion approved.


Supervisor Josh Fornengo made a motion to adjourn at 8:00 pm. Supervisor Bryan Holter seconded. Motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned.                                            

Respectfully submitted, 
Charla Zaccardi, Clerk 

Signed and dated this 17th day of April 2024
  By: ________________________________________

          Jessica Estridge, Chairman