August 16, 2016

Chairman Drake called the August 16, 2016 monthly meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. 

Present were Chairman Vern Drake, Supervisor Jessie Estridge, Supervisor Marty Pearson, Clerk Stephanie Askin, Treasurer Larry Holter, Ron Gallagher, Assessor Bob Pardun, Donnie Slipher and Ron Profitt.

Clerk’s Report:  Jessie made the motion to approve the minutes. Marty seconded. Motion passed. 

Treasurer’s Report was provided by Larry Holter.

Expenses: Expenses were reviewed. Jessie made the motion to approve the bills as submitted.  

Marty seconded.  Motion passed.

Citizen’s Input: None

Chairman’s Report: Vern transferred Dawn Snow’s Dairyland Fire Department Medical and Fire Calls report to a spreadsheet. Vern shared info on the Governor’s Budget for roads statewide. There will be a Law Enforcement meeting in Siren, if anyone wishes to attend. Songetay sentencing hearing has been rescheduled to September 6, 2016 at 11am, if anyone wishes to attend. Monarch Paving has rescheduled the paving of Big McGraw Road until the 3rd week of September.


  1. Road Equipment Update:  All road equipment is in running order.
  2. Road Condition Report:  All roads open except State Line at Spillway Bridge and an area of Namekagon Trail that Ron is still working on. Larry mentioned that there are some large potholes in need of repair on South Markville Road. Ron will repair them. Some discussion was held on ways to improve hills and curves in the town so they don’t washout with every storm. Suggestion was made to pave curves and hills in township and ask ATV Club for assistance in continuous repairs on Springbrook Trail which is an ATV route.
  3. Northland Community Center:  Everything is in good shape. There are several upcoming rentals. Vern will check with Monarch Paving if the Northland Community Center parking lot is repairable or needs to be replaced. Also it was suggested that the scuppers on the roof be enlarged to offer more drainage.


  1. Assessor Bob Pardun presented a new contract to the Board for review which would include Parcel Map and bringing the town into compliance. The first meeting of the Board of Review would then be held in May and the second in September. Jessie made a motion to accept the contract as presented, Marty seconded. Motion passed. Board signed the Assessor contract.
  2. Discussion was held on the Springbrook Trail Improvement Project (STIP). Ron will do a small area of silt/clay to see how it works in regards to road repair and maintenance.
  3. I-9 and W-4 forms were distributed to Board and town employees in an effort to update all personnel files.
  4. Hiring practices were discussed. Board feels it is necessary to have applications for full and part-time positions. Jessie and Vern both presented the board with a generic job application that would meet the town’s needs.
  5. Stephanie will compile a job description and submit for Vern’s review, then will post a “Help Wanted” ad on the website and on the Northland Community Center notice board. Jessie made the motion that job openings within the town be posted on the website and at the Northland Community Center with additional places at the discretion of the Board depending on the job opening. Marty seconded. Motion passed. Board will review drug testing consent forms at the next meeting.
  6. FEMA was in town and inspected the North Markville Bridge and State Line Spillway Bridge after the storm damage of July 11, 2016. Burnett County was declared a disaster area along with 7 other counties making Blaine eligible for aid. Timeline for aid is approximately 8 months. It is important to track all cost, labor, trucks used, and any other equipment and supplies, etc. Mike Hoefs, Burnett County Highway Commissioner, informed Vern that Markville Road is a good candidate for repair through FEMA mitigation program. Vern will look into it further.
  7. Adopting County zoning – Ron Profitt will post maps in the Northland Community Center Library for everyone's input. Maps will be accessible on each Thursdays from 1pm - 3pm and from 5pm - 6pm on the day of the Town Board meeting each month. Maps will need to be up for some time in order to allow everyone access.
  8. Stephanie will update the Town Ordinances for the Boards review next month.
  9. Vern is looking into option to buy propane tanks and will talk to Burnett Dairy about pre-buy options.


  1. Hiring practices (drug testing)
  2. Federal Land Access Programs (FLAP)
  3. Review of Town Ordinances.

Jessie made a motion to adjourn at 7:40 pm. Marty seconded. Motion passed.  Meeting is adjourned.                                                      

Respectfully submitted, 
Stephanie Askin, Clerk 

Signed and dated this 16th day of August 2016.

By: ________________________________________

          Vern Drake, Chairman