July 9, 2019

Chairman Drake called the July 9, 2019 monthly board meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. 

Present were Supervisor Estridge, Supervisor Fornengo, Clerk Charla Zaccardi, Treasurer Larry Holter, Ron Gallagher, Bonnie Young, Cole Fornengo, Matt Holter, Ron and Sharon Proffit, Dairyland Fire Chief, Bill Fish and Bob Pardun.

Clerk’s Report:  Supervisor Fornengo made the motion to approve the June 11, 2019 board meeting minutes. Supervisor Estridge seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report was provided by Treasurer Holter.

Expenses:  Supervisor Estridge made a motion to approve payment of the bills as submitted.  Supervisor Fornengo seconded.  Motion approved.


Citizen’s Input: None


Chairman Drake made a change in the order of tonight’s agenda.



  1. Assessor, Bob Pardun presented the board with a 3-year contract for the tax years 2020-2022.  The contract was looked over and signed by all board members.
  2. Chairman Drake made note of an upcoming PASER and WISLER conference on August 2nd.  It was suggested that both supervisor’s attend.
  3. Chairman Drake presented an estimate from Menard’s for a split rail fence for Evergreen Cemetery. It is hoped that this would keep the ATV’s out of the cemetery. Supervisor Fornengo made a motion to move forward with the purchase and installation of the fence at Evergreen Cemetery, Supervisor Estridge seconded. Motion approved.
  4. Chairman Drake gave an update on the Low Water Crossing. Cooper Engineering has estimated the costs of replacing the structure would be $240,000, but higher with concrete culverts at $378,000.
  5. Chairman Drake reported that he is working on a grant opportunity along with Jim Tolbert, the Burnett County Emergency Management Director, to repair structural damage from the 2018 flooding. Chairman Drake mentioned the first inquiry regarding the grant is due tomorrow and he shared a description of the projects he will submit.
  6. Board members conducted the Annual Road Inspection on June 4th and will create a 4-Year Road Improvement Plan. Also, Chairman Drake will order replacement street address signs for Cockerham Road; Gomulak Road; Perkins Trail; Springbrook Trail; and River Road. Note: If other address signs are missing be sure to contact the Town Chairman on 715-410-7861.
  7. Dairyland Fire Chief, Billy Fish, gave the board an update. In the last two months there has been 1 car accident, 1 medical incident and 1 grass fire in the Town of Blaine.  Fire inspections have been done. The fire department is 100% compliant with the State of Wisconsin on paperwork. The department will apply for a DNR grant for replacement equipment.  It was proposed that the Dairyland/Blaine contract be updated to include Emergency Medical Response and to consider establishing a Fire Association to benefit both Dairyland and Blaine Towns.

Chairman’s Report:

  1. Chairman Drake is still inquiring as to what the vehicle driver’s automobile insurance will pay for repair of the damaged bridge on South Markville Road.
  2. Chairman Drake shared information regarding GTA formula changes.
  3. Chairman Drake noted that Blaine has entered into a Service Agreement with Earth Energy starting August 2019 for an annual inspection and tune up on the two furnaces at the NCC.
  4. Chairman Drake gave an update on the McGraw Lake Road project noting that some residents are requesting more gravel for their driveway aprons. Chairman Drake is still addressing the issues with deep ditches in a few areas along the new pavement.
  5. Chairman Drake met with Burnett County Corporate Attorney David Grindell regarding Big Hill Road. Affidavits are being prepared for Ron Gallagher and Vern Drake to sign and notarize.


Road Equipment Update:   Ron stated that all equipment was in good condition.

Road Condition Report: Ron reported the roads are in good condition.

Northland Community Center: Woodland Wesleyan Church will be holding a Community Vacation Bible School on Aug 4-9, from 5-8 p.m. daily. The Town Board will be establishing a new policy for loaning out to residents NCC tables and chairs to hopefully avoid damage in the future.

Waste & Recycle Transfer Station: No report.

Supervisor Estridge made a motion to adjourn at 7:27 p.m. Supervisor Fornengo seconded. Motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned.                                        

Respectfully submitted, 
Charla Zaccardi, Clerk 

Signed and dated this _9th day of July 2019.

By: ________________________________________

          Vern Drake, Chairman