January 8, 2019

Chairman Drake called the January 8, 2019 monthly board meeting to order at 5:58 p.m. 

Present were Chairman Vern Drake, Supervisor Dan Ellefson, Supervisor Jessica Estridge, Clerk Charla Zaccardi, Treasurer Larry Holter, Brian Holter, Matt Holter, Cole Fornengo, Bill Fish, Marty Pearson, Ron Gallagher, Bonnie Young and Ron and Sharon Proffit.  

Clerk’s Report:  Supervisor Ellefson made the motion to approve the December 11, 2018 board meeting minutes. Supervisor Estridge seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report was provided by Treasurer Holter.

Expenses:  Supervisor Estridge made a motion to approve payment of the bills as submitted.  Supervisor Ellefson seconded.  Motion approved.


Citizen’s Input: None

Chairman’s Report: None


Road Equipment Update:   Equipment is in good condition.

Road Condition Report: There have been a few requests from residents to sand their driveways. So far 5 loads of salt/sand have been spread on roadways. One board member asked what the procedure was on sanding. Chairman Drake stated it has been practiced that intersections, hills and curves be the highest priority. It was noted that a school bus slipped off North Markville Road recently and a discussion took place as to the priority of sanding of the bus route roads and if there was an alert system in place for school district late starts. The Board would like to thank Fornengo Transport for the extra help in providing a sanding truck to get the school bus back on the road.

Northland Community Center: There will be a Cozy Corner Trails snowmobile safety training class on Saturday, January 19, 2019.

Waste & Recycle Transfer Station: None


  1. Supervisor Ellefson shared information he received from a report from Legend Technical Services, Inc., regarding the demolition of the old town hall. Wisconsin DNR regulations require that materials be disposed of in an appropriate landfill. There are 8 window frames that have to be abated. This will be handled by ARS Asbestos Removal located in Frederic, WI. If anyone needs further details, Supervisor Ellefson has the report and additional information regarding this requirement. Supervisor Ellefson made a motion to abate 8 window frames of the old town hall. Supervisor Estridge seconded. Motion passed.
  2. Eric Hallen from Viking Gas Transmission has offered to donate an AED – Automated External Defibrillator for SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) for the NCC. Ron Proffit stated he knew of someone who could train residents, but it would have to take place on a Saturday.
  3. Chairman Drake reviewed the three major road projects to attendees as being 1) South Markville Road, 2) North Markville Road culvert “bridge” and 3) Low Water Crossing on State Line Road. There was discussion of funding for these projects and the cost estimate totaling $99,000 from Cooper Engineering Company, Inc., for engineering services for the three proposed road projects. It is expected that up to 87.5% of the funds spent on engineering will be reimbursed once the 3 projects are completed. Supervisor Estridge made a motion to accept Cooper Engineering Company, Inc., to provide engineering services on the three proposed road projects and Supervisor Ellefson seconded. Motion approved.  On a separate issue, it was suggested that Big Island Road be included in the next 4 year road improvement plans.


Supervisor Ellefson made a motion to adjourn at 6:45 p.m. Supervisor Estridge seconded. Motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned.          


Respectfully submitted, 
Charla Zaccardi, Clerk 

Signed and dated this _8th day of January 2019.

By: ________________________________________

          Vern Drake, Chairman